From Mom to Mima


I am a young almost 45 year old mom, Mima, personal trainer, and bodybuilder. Since becoming a mom at 20 years old, having my 2nd child at 22, my 3rd at 36 and then becoming a grandma, I mean Mima at 44, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been.

I started lifting weights at around the age of 37, after my 3rd child. That is when I became a trainer as well. I loved lifting heavy!  I just couldn’t believe how my body changed after lifting for years. I did my 1st physique competition at age 41. It was the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve done. The day before the show I panicked and didn’t think I could get up in front of everyone and perform my routine, but I did it! I placed 4th, but for me it wasn’t even about the placing, the fact that I prepped and competed was my win!

I just love resistance training, without it I feel empty. I feel so strong mentally and physically after lifting. I LOVE HOW THE BODY TRANSFORMS. This is why I love helping other women realize that they too can lift weights and love how they feel and look afterwards. Weights have saved me in many different ways and the older I get the better I look!