Athlete Bio – Beth Ali


Beth Ali Deadlift

Beth Ali
Weight Class
75 kg/ 165 lb
Squat PR:
242 lb (meet)
Bench PR:
105 lb (meet)
Deadlift PR:
252lb (meet), 270 lb unofficial
Years lifting?
How did you come to powerlifting or Olympic lifting?
I trained as an olympic lifter a few years ago. I switched to OCR training, but a friend of mine convinced me to do a powerlifting meet telling me I would LOVE it-she was right. I was hooked!
Do you have any previous athletic or lifting experience?
I started lifting as an adult about 6 years ago, but not with any consistancy of type or purpose until about a year and a half ago.
Do you compete? Why or why not? If you compete, what do you like most about the competitions?
I love competing. I have the need to have a purpose behind my workouts or I lose motivation. The meets are fun, I meet great people, and I get the motivation to keep pushing myself.
Equipped or Raw?
Do you have a coach or trainer? In person or online? How did you find your trainer/program? Do you have any advice for women looking for a trainer?
I have a great group of people I train with and the owner is a world class powerlifter who is kind enough to coach us.
Where do you train? Gym, garage?
Marietta Barbell -old style gym
What is the hardest part about beginning lifting as an older woman?
Feeling so ridiculously weak compared to everyone and reminding myself that everyone starts somewhere and I am only competing against myself!
How has lifting affected your health?
I have no meniscus in one knee and losing the other one, along with arthritis in both knees. Powerlifting has helped me strengthening all the muscles around my knees so I very rarely have any pain anymore. Also, I just feel strong, and that helps my sense of self and self-esteem
What would you tell women just beginning this journey?
Go slow and steady, but have fun! This is the most empowering act that I can think any of us “old” ladies can do for ourselves!