Athlete Bio – Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory Bench

Susan Gregory
Weight Class
185 lbs
Where do you live?
Omaha Nebraska
Squat PR:
175 lbs (official)
Bench PR:
110 lbs (official)
Deadlift PR:
214 lbs (official)
Years lifting?
How did you come to powerlifting or Olympic lifting?
My daughters asked me to try Crossfit with them & I discovered I liked the lifting better.
Do you have any previous athletic or lifting experience?
I was a couch potato growing up. I tried running randomly but as I got older I realized I needed to start doing something to stay healthy. So at about age 50, I joined a gym & got trainer. We just worked on overall conditioning.
Do you compete? Why or why not? If you compete, what do you like most about the competitions?
I do compete. It gives me a goal to work toward.
Equipped or Raw?
Do you have a coach or trainer? In person or online? How did you find your trainer/program? Do you have any advice for women looking for a trainer?
I have a trainer I meet with 3x a week.
Where do you train? Gym, garage?
Gym-Omaha Barbell
What is the hardest part about beginning lifting as an older woman?
I think the hardest part is not having women my age to talk to about lifting.
How has lifting affected your health?
Most definitely! I was able to reverse my osteopenia. I’m able to be more physically active & I don’t seem to get sick as often as I used to.
What would you tell women just beginning this journey?
Do it! Start where you’re at even if you have to start with a pvc pipe. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journeys. Get a trainer to learn proper form so you avoid injuries & most importantly have fun!